Random Isley Facts

 Random Isley Facts:

1. There are only three beverages I will drink: coffee, wine, and water (usually in that order).

2. I am a librarian’s daughter.

3. Despite, point 2, above, I once racked up $3,000 in library fines (reduced to $300 since I WORKED AT THE LIBRARY) because I was stuck on a grad school paper and couldn’t relinquish the books (and undo my elaborate system of color-coded Post-its) until I cracked it. OCD. Sigh.

4. I have Chinese Crested hairless rescue dogs and can’t imagine having a dog with body hair.

5. I once won a red BMW convertible in a raffle. Sadly, I had to sell it five minutes later to pay fines related to point 3, above.

6. My favorite potato chip flavor is All Dressed (those Canadians know a thing or two about salty snacks—and Prime Ministers).

7. I grew up in Sydney and my dad once found a deadly Australian funnel-web spider in his pajama pants. Luckily, he wasn’t wearing them at the time.

8. I met my amazing husband in grad school and love him now more than ever.

9. When I’m not working I can usually be found hanging around with my husband and kids, reading and sniffing my dogs’ feet. They smell like corn chips.

10. I could not whistle if my life depended on it. Thus far, it has not.

6 thoughts on “Random Isley Facts

  1. Thank you for writing this book. My son was recently diagnosed with ASD also. Everything Rhys felt was point on, so reassuring to know others felt the same. Can’t wait for your next book!


  2. Just finished “First Word.” What a sensitive and innovative read. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find the second book right away. You have a true gifting for storytelling. I seriously couldn’t put it down, and finished it in three days…only because I was working during the days and reading until I fell asleep each evening…of exhaustion, not boredom! Can’t wait for the next installment. Thank you!!!


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